Who We Are

We are communications planners with deep insight into context.

That is our shorthand way of saying that we have a unique approach: We engage audiences while they are on the move and in a context that influences their decisions the most. On the go, consumers interact with touchpoints that deliver value, only receiving content that has meaning to them. Understanding contextual variables – from the device to the channel and real-time information such as time and location – leads to highly targeted messaging that aligns with customer behavior patterns. This establishes deeper relevance, connection and personalization, generating transactions both in the real and virtual worlds.

Our Clients

Brand Testimony

  • "Kinetic is a consolidated and well connected partnering agency, very receptive to new trends and readily available to meet the clients’ requirements.” 

  • "Kinetic has greatly supported us in the development of the media strategy that best suits our brand image and positioning. The whole team has been very punctual and collaborative.”

  • “Kinetic is a valuable business partner for Unilever. Our collaboration has resulted in effective and innovative campaigns for brands like Ola, Magnum and Axe. Kinetic has strong, creative ideas and is always solution oriented.”
  • “Vodafone 4G is all about speed and Kinetic too lived up to our expectations by rolling out our campaign in least possible turn-around time; at the same time ensuring highest levels of quality and safety for the team.”