Each Kinetic service is a powerful capability in its own right. When connected, we can help brands create a true value exchange with their audiences while they're moving.

We offer three unique service areas – Communications Planning, Advertising Solutions and Audience Specialties.

Communications Planning

  • Insights

    Deep and intuitive profiles of moving audiences, their triggers and relationships to brands

  • Journey Mapping

    Behavioral heat maps showing an audience’s physical and digital movements

  • Contextual Strategy

    Optimization of contextual messaging to connect and activate audiences

Advertising Solutions

  • OOH Formats

    Powerful combination of physical impact, prime locations, context, and immediacy

  • Dynamic Content

    Content creation and adaptation throughout all relevant touchpoints for audiences on the move

  • Mobile

    Connection points bridging the physical with digital and increasing transactions

  • Innovation

    Ideas that mix platform thinking, brand utility, participatory culture and digital ubiquity

  • Social Media

    Amplification and reverberation of place-based message back to a point of interest

  • Experiential

    Brand experiences that trigger emotions and mutually beneficial interactions with audiences

Audience Specialties

  • Travelers

    Media and marketing solutions that unlock the connected traveler's journey

  • Shoppers

    In-store, retail touchpoints that steer and renew the buyer's path-to-purchase

  • Patients

    Point-of-care solutions that cater to tech-savvy patients and their healthcare professionals