CHANEL: Take Your Chance

  • Challenge

    For the launch of Chance Eau Vive, CHANEL’s fourth fragrance, we needed to create a fresh and innovative experience that raised awareness while maintaining brand loyalty so as to motivate sampling and drive new shoppers to the store.

  • Solution

    Acknowledging that women would engage with the prestigious CHANEL brand, we chose a transit shelter located in the heart of Chicago’s high-traffic shopping district to display content on two digital screens. A transit shelter was the ideal format for incorporating the playful nature of the creative, while simultaneously producing an impactful experience. The screen on the shelter’s interior face displayed the TV commercial for the fragrance. On the shelter’s exterior, an interactive screen enabled consumers to show their “moves” to the camera and receive a CHANEL-branded photo via email. If the user opted to share the photo on social media the shelter would immediately dispense a takeaway scent card sample.

  • Result

    With thousands of engagements, facial tracking software indicated an 88% engagement rate from passersby. Additionally, the shelter dispensed thousands of fragrance samples during the campaign. Because of its enormous success, the campaign was extended by an extra week and exceeded all intended objectives!