Nestle: Arrowhead #NaturallyDifferent

  • Challenge

    Nestle’s bottled water brand Arrowhead challenged us to strengthen the brand’s perception in Southern California by informing consumers of the brand’s market-leading sustainability and environmental stewardship.

  • Solution

    We tapped into the mindset and purchase behaviors of the environmentally conscious, community minded, and highly engaged Los Angeles consumers to understand where they lived, worked, and shopped. Then we designed an experience exclusively for them.

    To reach the target audience in an organic and contextually relevant way, Arrowhead sponsored Volta Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station locations throughout Southern California at high-traffic shopping destinations for this audience, such as Whole Foods.  The #NaturallyDifferent messaging informed consumers of Arrowhead’s efforts to aid the environment.

    The program also included free EV shuttle rides, promoting ride sharing and helping to alleviate California traffic.

    “Showcasing the Naturally Different messaging on free ride shuttles and electric vehicle charging stations is an opportunity to encourage doing good for the environment and for our neighbors,” said Pia Baker, Group Marketing Manager at Arrowhead. “These Volta Charging Stations are not ordinary billboards, they are placements that align with our values related to environmental stewardship and community support.”

  • Result

    The #NaturallyDifferent campaign not only impacted the target audience on an emotional level, but also positively impacted the community and the brand perception.

    Over the duration of the campaign, the Arrowhead sponsorship was directly responsible for:

    • 17,500 total EV charges

    • 9,500 total gallons of gas saved

    • 430,000 EV miles powered

    • 2,200 trees were planted (based on the carbon offset) 

    The Arrowhead brand saw a tremendous +22 pt lift among consumers as a ‘brand that supports my community’ and +21 pt lift as the ‘first choice brand the next time you buy bottled water,’ successfully changing the perception of the brand in the marketplace.