Press Releases/  Kinetic Unleashes Interactive Power of Out-of-Home with "Active Journeys"

Kinetic Unleashes Interactive Power of Out-of-Home with "Active Journeys"


Kinetic Worldwide, the global leader in contextually connecting and activating audiences on the move, has launched a new context-based planning model to create Active Journeys for brands. This model offers the agency the ability to execute against a new Out of Home paradigm: moving from targeted attention to targeted action.

The personalized planning approach engages with audiences on the move, at the specific locations that most influence their decisions and behaviors. This process uses other variables such time of the day, social behaviors, weather and cultural moments to map out journeys, contextually target consumers, and deliver content and experiences they want to act upon directly.

“In today’s era of ad fraud and blocking, we believe we need to reinvent the strategic planning process in order to ignite real-world actions,” said Liliana Caro, Global CMO, Kinetic, who developed the model. “At Kinetic, we view Out of Home as ecosystems where media and behaviors are determined by context. By harnessing contextual variables and unleashing the interactive power of Out of Home, we can truly activate customer journeys.”

Last January, Kinetic put a stake in the ground to enable the customization of Out of Home interactions via mobile scans. With Active Journeys, Kinetic is committed to help brands leverage the ubiquity of Out of Home, mobile usage, free Wi-Fi, and proximity networks to move from push to pull marketing.

Active Journeys continues Kinetic’s vision for bridging one-to-many to one-to-few and one-to-one communications, regardless of offline and online silos. Moving forward with execution, all of Kinetic’s teams and SBUs, including global travel arm Aviator, will be able to offer strategic planning and response understanding, while continuing to use media, technology and data partners to help clients connect with and activate audiences on the move.

“Kinetic’s pursuit of data-driven Active Journeys illustrates their role as a leader in supporting the Out of Home industry’s embrace of audience-focused, consumer insight-led media plans,” said Dan Levi, EVP & CMO, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas. “Moreover, Active Journeys aligns well with our industry-leading innovation, Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR, which allows advertisers to more intelligently plan their Out of Home campaigns by targeting distinct audience segments and better understand what happens after someone sees an ad on our media. I look forward to continuing to work with Kinetic on these important industry initiatives.”

“Kinetic’s Active Journeys is another step towards not just attribution but agency accountability. It will enable much more effective in-channel and cross-channel measurement and optimization while informing strategies around how messages can be layered across channels to more intelligently reflect consumer mindsets and drive action,” said David Shim, Founder & CEO of location specialist Placed.

“Kinetic is putting data and technology at the heart of its planning process. Similarly, JCDecaux is transforming at light speed through major investments in digital product, data and delivery infrastructure all designed to offer advertisers a dynamic and highly impactful medium. Active Journeys captures the essence of what is now possible in Out of Home by utilizing data to provide contextual advertising that reflects the interests and intent of client’s target audiences,” said Spencer Berwin, Co-CEO at JCDecaux UK.

 “What is of greatest value to brands is communication delivered, personalized and acted on at the place and time for which it was intended. At Kinetic, creative interactive environments has been the focus of most of our initiatives for some time. With audiences who are increasingly on the move and connected, richer context data gives us the ability to respect their time and provide utility,” said Mauricio Sabogal, Global CEO, Kinetic.