Land Rover: #Hibernot: seeing winter differently

  • Challenge

    Hibernot is an annual celebration of the great outdoors in which Land Rover encourages us to see winter differently, but the brand wanted to engage more than just mud-lovers. Land Rover wanted to encourage their younger, more urban audience to see winter in a different light.

  • Solution

    A blend of hardware, software, contextual relevance and simplicity - HD cameras installed on hand selected sites were positioned to create a ‘window’ effect, with the view being refreshed every few seconds. Instagram filters were applied to show the view in the best light no matter the weather, while 'super-users' of the platform were engaged to co-create content, amplify the DOOH campaign and encourage participation.

  • Result

    The campaign on the street delivered over 2.8m impacts and saw young urbanites enthusiastically taking up the #Hibernot challenge with over 3,450 user-generated winter photos appearing on Instagram. Our additional Instagram content helped amplify the campaign delivering a further 6.8m impressions and more than 1.3m likes. #Hibernot indeed!