Unilever: Lynx's #BiggerIssues

  • Challenge

    Raise awareness for, and make the difficult, taboo topic that is male suicide in the U.K. mainstream.

  • Solution

    Using social listening, Kinetic powered a national campaign spanning social, online banners and digital OOH formats that dynamically highlighted all the trivial things we happily talk about, that are statistically ‘bigger’ than suicide. Holding a mirror up to society, #BiggerIssues grabbed people’s attention with trending conversations while engaging them in a topic they were not talking about: male suicide.

  • Result

    With over 20K online mentions of #BiggerIssues and a social reach of 108M, knowledge of male suicide increased by 45% nationally, and by 120% in London. Helpline calls increased to 5,600 during the campaign period alone, resulting in male suicide being debated in Parliament for the first time. #BiggerIssues received over 18 recognitions from Cannes Lions, The Drum, Brand Republic and The Webby Awards.