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Kinetic China Launches KiSS – Kinetic Social Management Suite

Kinetic China, the leading specialist in contextually connecting and activating audiences on the move, announced the launch of the Kinetic Social Management Suite (KiSS), a social monitoring tool developed and optimised for the China market. KiSS not only supports clients and agencies to conduct effective social monitoring in real-time, but with its customised algorithm and modules, it enables brands to create relevant and timely conversations, and ultimately nurture love among the target audience.

Although social listening tools have been around for years, the adaptation for client use has been a bumpy road, especially in China. Established global tools with data visualisation and interactivity still lack China market. Secondly, there are many locals centered on the social-scape in China, but they fall behind in the level of day-to-day user-friendliness for clients and agencies. Many clients have to simply subscribe to periodic reports.

KiSS’s whole setup is centred on a framework that puts clients’ consumers in the middle, following their social lifecycle from general social exposure, all the way to campaign specific social amplification and e-commerce sales results. KiSS focuses on the social health status of brands and their competitors, with enough insights to feed into daily social content management for our clients, all circling back to impact on real sales.  Kinetic calls this “social commerce”.

KiSS enables Kinetic to work with clients, in real-time, with all the social intelligence each module offers, and allows effective working sessions to be conducted where Kinetic and clients interact with each other and with KiSS, thereby releasing the full potential of real-time social monitoring.