Coca-Cola: Share a Coke

  • Result

    This execution helped in creating a hook for on the consumers and also filled in a very crucial gap. The response of the consumers was amazing with over a 1300 people shared their names in the two days of the activity. A lot of consumers shared pictures of digital integration on social media.

  • Challenge

    Coca-Cola Pakistan had for the first time launched its Share A Coke campaign with more than 200 actual names printed on millions of product. But due to the sanctity of some Muslim names, a lot of common and uncommon names could not be printed on the labels. The objective for OOH agency was to come up with a solution where anyone could see their name on Share A Coke billboard.

  • Solution

    The idea for a first ever digitally interactive Billboard in Pakistan was generated where anyone with however sacred name could send in their names and see it displayed on a digital screen on one of the busiest junctions of the city. We developed a dedicated SMS short code for consumers to share their or their loved ones names. A CTA was placed on a mega digital screen where people were encouraged to send their names. Everyone who shared got a chance to see their name amplified on the digital screen in real time. This way anyone with any name would be able to Share a Coke without losing the sanctity of their name. A customized Coke bottle was also presented to everyone sharing their names.