Halifax: Thunderbirds Savers Mission

  • Challenge

    Halifax was looking for a fresh and innovative way to encourage their customers to save money and engage with the bank’s saving services. They wanted an activation that told every type of saver that Halifax would give them extra.

  • Solution

    Bring the iconic Thunderbird characters and story from Halifax’s TV activity to life in the real world via an interactive game. Kinetic UK and partner DOOH.com created a virtual Thunderbird world where gamers controlled Thunderbird 3 to save as many coins as possible while avoiding obstacles and gaining power ups. A leaderboard encouraged competition, with winners receiving prizes and merchandise. The activation was powered by MESHH with an experiential team on hand to guide players.

  • Result

    The campaign received a fantastic reception from every city Halifax visited. Customers lined up to try their luck saving money in the Thunderbird world, with almost 3000 individual games being played, resulting in over 34 hours of highly interactive game time.