The Hague Museum: The Discovery of Mondrian

  • Challenge

    For this campaign, we were tasked with bringing Mondrian’s life, and journey to abstraction, into the spotlight. We wanted to give as many people the chance to discover the artworks of Mondrian, as well as attract visitors to the temporary exhibition at The Hague Municipal Museum. In addition, it was critical that we created pride, unity and online engagement for the city of The Hague as a result of the campaign.

  • Solution

    The solution was directly aligned with our Active Journey’s framework. Not only was the city of The Hague wrapped in Mondrian’s most famous artwork, including office buildings, shops, bus and tram stops and other public spaces, but the campaign also engaged people online globally through owned social and influencer amplification. In addition, we tracked the Active Journey of international visitors, putting OOH placements at all major touch points, including New York City, Schiphol Airport, and main train stations and public transport locations in Amsterdam.

  • Result

    The campaign proved to be a local and international success. On a local level, we successfully ignited a new sense of pride in the city of The Hague, and gave people from all walks of life the opportunity to learn and discover the true genius of Mondrian. The campaign was covered by several major local TV stations and publications, the film was viewed online over 700k times and The Hague Municipal Museum achieved a 25% increase in Facebook followers. On an international level, the campaign was picked up by 80 international journalists as well as garnering a special in-depth spotlight on CBS, that brought American TV watchers to the streets of The Hague. Our social media influencer amplification resulted in a total reach of 611k, with 16,199 total engagements.