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Why advertising and nonprofits need to work hand in hand

Millennials and Gen Zers are undoubtedly conscious consumers who engage with, and contribute to solving social issues the most. In fact, nearly 50% of millennials would be willing to make a purchase from a company supporting a social cause, according to Millenial Marketing, while 37% are willing to purchase a product or service to support a cause they believe in, even if it means paying a bit more. Recent research from Nonprofit Tech For Good is also showing that more and more young adults use peer-to-peer payment solutions to donate to charities.

Yet, the majority of the world’s 10 million nonprofits today struggle to break through the noise and raise the necessary donations they need to survive, as they lack the most basic resources.

That’s why Kinetic Future, Kinetic’s dedicated CSR unit, is committed to connecting brands with nonprofits – and to leveraging advertising for good.

On one hand, Kinetic Future identifies the causes and organizations that need most help and are the most relevant to our clients, to then educate both parts on their common agenda. On the other hand, we design simple yet powerful solutions that bring value to both the brand and nonprofit, while we ensure the cause and message to be top of mind.

Our approach to advertising goes beyond build an emotional bond – it drives people to take action (and make donations) in the moment. We ensure high impact and visibility through Out-of-Home media and technology, from which we then distribute more personalized messages directly onto consumers’ smartphones. This proved most effective for Cannes Lions-recognized Diakonia campaign in Germany, and Unilever’s #BiggerIssues campaign in the UK.

With today’s – and tomorrow’s – consumers being more receptive to socially aware messages, now is the time for brands to move their investments to an advertising ecosystem that is more participatory, responsible, and ultimately, sustainable.

Kinetic Future - Why charities? 2017 from Kinetic Worldwide on Vimeo.