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Kinetic Future is a step towards a better future

Activating the Local Coordinators

When the new Junior Board was formed, we started the year full of expectations. One of which was to continue the activation of socially responsible work in each of the markets. As most of you know, Kinetic Future (KF) aims to infuse sustainability into our business at all levels by cultivating engaged colleagues.

The focus of KF is to inspire employees, donate time for community efforts, create socially responsible campaigns, identify the next generation of Out of Home leaders, and work to save the environment. The local coordinators of KF are regional groups within each market - comprised of enthusiastic members from around the globe, working within four different roles. These roles are defined as:

  • Kinetic Astronomer: responsible for developing the next generation of media stars

  • Kinetic Community Chief: responsible for coordinating volunteer work and “cases for causes”

  • Kinetic Green Bean: responsible for local green initiatives

  • Chief Happiness Officer: responsible for inspiring happiness and creativity in our team

To ensure further progression of good work, the Kinetic Global Junior Board enthusiastically embraced the collaboration with KF. In the past few weeks, Kinetic’s Global Junior Board reactivated both preexisting and new local coordinators in several BU's which will be responsible for making positive impacts externally as well as internally.

We have started with 45 new coordinators from 12 different countries that will be working on the creation of sustainable ideas around all of the offices, but it is a number that we aim to increase with every passing day. If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, let the local leader of your country know - they will be in charge of notifying us.

The Global Junior Board and the local coordinators have planned meetings for the upcoming weeks to further discuss the collaboration of global activities. We encourage all employees to participate in the activities that each of the teams will perform in; both globally and locally. Let's work for a better future!

Do you want to be part of this project and/or would you like to receive more information? Please contact the JR Board via Tessa Dijkstra - (President JR Board)

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