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Inspiring our employees to help in "Movember"

Kinetic Future within Movember movement 


Our global initiative to inspire our employees is one of the main challenges for Kinetic Future. By empowering the company culture, we will participate in the Movember movement to receive donations for the cause.

The Movember Foundation is a global non-profit that seeks to improve men’s health by raising awareness for men’s diseases such as prostate cancer. The foundation was founded in Australia, and has since expanded across the globe. It is best known for its annual “No Shave November” – a time when men are encouraged to grow out their facial hair in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

We believe in the Movember Foundation’s cause, and we feel that their values align with ours.

The challenge begins with an individual who will be part of the team in each country so as to strengthen the Kinetic network in all countries. Each member will show their progress day by day, and as we share the progress in the platform and amplify via social networks, external people will be able to donate to either the individual, the equipment, or the entire Kinetic network. This is a great way of showing how we can work together for the same cause around the world. Our grassroots approach develops leadership skills in our junior staff and gives everyone who is passionate about sustainability the opportunity to make an impact—no matter which level of seniority they have.

By experimenting with these types of events, we can see how audiences interact with each social networking point of contact; bringing value to tracking the individual, team, and network progression as a whole. Completing a contextual ecosystem that brings us the behavior we need to generate increased transactions in the real/virtual world will leverage donations for the Movember foundation.

Do you want to be part of this project and/or would you like to receive more information? Please contact the Junior Board via Natalia Dueñas:

Junior Board  

Tessa Dijkstra

Natalia Dueñas

Elodie Rodriguez

Taylor Weiss

Aaron Spijkers