• Challenge

    YARO ka Tashan, is a show about the story of a funny Human Robot who can answer all the questions. SAB TV wanted to promote the show with the Robot character.   

  • Solution

    A innovative & fun twitter bot was created with #SABKaYARO. It gave instant replies to all the questions

    The live twitter feed was installed at a prime billboard in Mumbai. Ask YARO anything and He would answer in a funny way and it would appear live real time on the billboard. 

    #SABKaYARO generated funny and knowledgeable tweets.

  • Result

    More than 123,000 questions were answered.
    More than 11.25 Mn impressions were generated.
    Show opened to 1.1 TVR, a 120% increase over the existing slot. The show opened at 1.8TVR in Mumbai, the largest market for SAB.
    More than Rs. 5Lacs worth earned media.