Vodafone: Recharge with Rainwater

  • Challenge

    Supporting local farming communities facing scarcity of water, all the while growing brand awareness in rural, disconnected parts of India – one of the company’s top growth markets.

  • Solution

    A unique rainwater harvesting solution, leveraging a smart OOH ecosystem in India’s driest and less irrigated region. Billboards would harvest rainwater in tanks equipped water sensors, which once full, would send a text to a Vodafone operator, so the water can be collected and taken to the farmers.

  • Result

    Vodafone collected and donated more than 20K liters of water to the farmers. The initiative was picked up by The Guardian – featuring the CMO of Vodafone India – as well as by The Drum and MediaPost. Recharge with Rainwater won top brand, integrated and green marketing honors at the Abby's, NEONs and IAA Olive Crown Awards.