Ford: The legend now unleashed

  • Challenge

    To announce the Mustang launch in India, Ford wanted to create an experience that demonstrate its legendary engine growl and power.

  • Solution

    At T3 terminal arrival, a large format video wall was converted into an interactive Zone for the flyers and greets them with red carpet.
    Customized Arduino Technology was specially created with: Air blower + Motion Sensor + Sound
    As soon as any flyer passed by the screen, the digital sensor content got activated. With a gush of air and a growling sound. It’s the real time feel of power when Mustang zooooms by you!!
    The interactive content had direct connect with the audience.

  • Result

    The placement of the media at the Airport was such that all arrival traffic had to cross the screen and experience the all-new FORD Mustang.
    According to the customized Arduino programming data, over 9 Lacs commuters had interacted and experienced the Ford Mustang content over a period of 30 days.
    Ford Mustang became the most-sold sports car in India.