Coca-Cola: Diet Coke Geo-fencing

  • Challenge

    Target affluent 30 something females as they go about their daily lives and encourage them to use Diet Coke as an occasion to get together with friends and win a getaway break with Diet Coke.

  • Solution

    Extensive geo-fencing campaign to support a heavyweight, multi format OOH campaign, which promoted a competition.  We geo-fenced the entire OOH campaign aswell as a select number of bars, restaurants, shopping centres and clubs, serving affluent 30 something females a message to get together with friends and “Win €50,000 worth of getaways”.

  • Results

    The Diet Coke OOH campaign achieved an 87% prompted recall score.  Furthermore, the geo-fencing element achieved almost 600,000 impressions and a CTR 42% higher than our CTR benchmarking average, with 139,000 unique impressions.