Coors Light: WiFi Cold Spot

  • Challenge

    Heineken wanted to maintain momentum of the growing Coors Light brand in Ireland and increase active engagement with the target market with a view to increasing ‘closeness’.

  • Solution

    We encouraged consumers to #LovetheCold and Love Coors Light by activating a media-first, WiFi ‘Cold spot’ at select bus shelters in Dublin.  The result was an engaging OOH campaign with contextually relevant content which connected with the weather in real time. Consumers were given free WiFi access if the temperature dropped to 2°C or lower. If the temperature didn’t drop to the required level, passers-by could activate the WiFi via an interactive digital screen.

  • Results

    The campaign was a huge success both on and offline, driving social engagement and fame for the brand.  The Coors Light campaign achieved a cover level of 71% with an average frequency level of 18.2.  Almost 1,000 connections were made across the WiFi Cold Spot locations. Most connections were achieved on Friday and Saturday successfully connecting with consumers on their night out.   The campaign achieved a 65% prompted recall level which rose to 66% for males. Furthermore, 44% of the target audience were encouraged to try or drink Coors Light because of the OOH campaign. (Kinetic Insight). This campaign won a silver award in the 2017 Media Awards for Best Collaboration in OOH.