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Wi-Fi Enabled OOH

Why Use OOH & Wi-Fi?

As advertisers, we are always looking to give our audience the best possible experience. It is important to understand what they are looking for to stay competitive. The major advantage that Wi-Fi offers is that it can be seamlessly integrated into an OOH campaign. Wi-Fi hotspots can be placed at OOH sites, which enables the audience to log on for free Wi-Fi on their personal device. Once this connection has occurred, users within a certain proximity of the hotspot will be able to access the Wi-Fi network courtesy of the client.  The interface of the home page will give the user the option to sign up etc. and the interface will provide customised ads after logging in.  A well implemented Wi-Fi enabled campaign will enhance an advertiser’s brand experience with increased visual presence to their audience on the move.

Due to its flexible nature, one of the main advantages of adding Wi-Fi to an OOH campaign, is that it allows clients to alter and personalise the message for the audience rather than using generic messaging.

Advertisers are often left with the debate whether to use generic or specialised messaging within their promotional material. Mass marketing delivers generic messages to a large and undefined audience. The drawback to this, is that audiences are becoming more diverse and therefore, not all messages are interpreted the same and can have a different meaning to consumers.  By opting for a more specialised approach it allows clients to display messages at smaller, defined targeted segments or individual. On traditional static campaigns, the drawback of using tailored messages was the cost, as it would need to produce multiple creative executions. Wi-Fi and digital makes it much easier for clients and suppliers to run multiple creatives. By using tailored messages, Wi-Fi facilitates the ability to communicate on a more one to one basis with the consumer. Advertising has moved on from putting out the same promotional message, where in most cases the message isn’t interpreted by the consumers.  In todays cluttered media landscape, choosing the right message isn’t sufficient in breaking through. However, by combining the right message with the right platform can enable advertisers to create a connection with the consumers and ultimately, result in more of a likelihood that the messages are read and acted upon by the recipient.

By adding Wi-Fi to the OOH plan, it allows advertisers to deliver the right message to the right audience in the right location at the right time. As mentioned previously, the media environment is becoming ever more cluttered, with advertisers battling with each other to make a lasting impression with the consumer. Now more than ever, the concept of connecting & engaging with audiences on the move is prominent. By instigating a Wi-Fi campaign, it gives advertisers the ability to interact with their audience. Once this connection has been established – marketers can issue ads based on the environment, whether it is activated by weather, time of day or location etc. By providing contextually based ads through Wi-Fi enabled OOH, advertisers can personalise and fine-tune location based ads to their mobile device. In addition to this, advertisers can use location based analytics to measure the performance of the campaign. According to Cisco, a worldwide leader in IT & Networking, the effectiveness of Wi-Fi advertising is directly related to the content provided. Research suggests, that consumers who receive marketing messages based on location see value in that communication. Also, because the user sees value in this, they are 50% more likely to act on the info. Wi-Fi enables advertisers to provide more relevant content to the audience, it is estimated that location based content increases relevance to the consumer by 10 – 35 times.

Not only does it allow advertisers to use personalised content, but by utilising Wi-Fi, it increases interaction with the audience and, in turn builds a closer relationship with them. But for that engagement to occur, the content needs to be rich, entertaining and provides a purpose for the audience.

Wi-Fi & DOOH

One example of how OOH & Wi-Fi can be aligned is Keds; a woman’s shoe manufacturer. The objective of the campaign was to appeal to younger women by targeting them online through digital, mobile & tablet and the retail environment. This is where digital out of home & Wi-Fi came in. The Wi-Fi enabled DOOH campaign which ran in London, offered shoppers a 20% discount off Keds’ shoes once they logged on through their Wi-fi page. The DOOH & Wi-Fi enabled initiative proved to be a success, delivering a 28% uplift in sales and 50% brand conversion rate. Article here

In the Irish Market, Kinetic, Starcom & Heineken Ireland, were first to implement a ‘cool’ media first; a contextually relevant Wi-Fi enabled OOH campaign for Coors Light. The objective of the campaign was to maintain momentum within the Irish market whilst increasing engagement and closeness with the target audience. In an attempt to get the Irish public to embrace the winter, Wi-Fi was integrated into two Adshels, in Camden & Leeson Street in Dublin. Once the temperature dropped below 2 degrees, the Adshels turned into free Wi-Fi ‘coldspots’. If the temperature was above 2 degrees, the user could manually activate the Wi-Fi through the digital screen on the unit. Click for Video

The Keds & Coors light cases are some examples of how simple & more complex Wi-Fi campaigns have been a success. The Keds case used Wi-Fi in a simplistic yet effective way. Wi-Fi was added to the DOOH network and once people connected they could avail of in-store discounts. While the Coors Light case used a contextually relevant Wi-Fi campaign to increase engagement with the brand and continue to build momentum in the Irish market. Both campaigns used different executions but results for both were more than positive.

As the outdoor industry continues to evolve, connecting with audiences at the right time in the right location is becoming ever more paramount. Clients are continually looking to further engage with consumers and Wi-Fi is proven to make that ‘connection’!