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Why dynamic content is changing OOH?

Rachel McCloskey, Account Manager, Kinetic Ireland

Our world is constantly evolving.  When we look at developments and ongoing trends in our media landscape, dynamic content is soaring.  "Dynamic" or "Adaptive" content, is a term for the aspects of a website, ad, or email body that change based on the interests or past behaviour of the viewer or real-time information. It creates an experience that's customized specifically for the visitor or reader at that moment. (Source: Wikipedia)

More and more advertisers are becoming increasingly aware of dynamic content and the benefits of utilising within their multi-format campaigns.  It is not just about traditional media anymore! So, what are these benefits?   It is personalizable, so every single response can be crafted based on your specific target.  

It is extensible, meaning the scripting languages that powers dynamic content can tap into a variety of external resources.

It is interactive, with a two-way street that provides content to users, and allows users to submit content back to the server.  

And from a brand’s perspective; it generates revenue!  The more personable the content, the more connected we are with our audience.  This in turn strengthens the bond between consumer and brand and heightens revenue. 

“There is an additional 8% sales uplift during a campaign that uses contextual animated copy on digital screens.”  (Source -JCDecaux Dynamic)

See example of the first ever Drinkable Ad.  Coca Cola used Dynamic solutions across all their Media, creating a powerful brand experience.  

Our goal as an OOH agency is to make the customer journey more active, therefore dynamic content and OOH are a match made in heaven.  Advertisers are constantly looking for more effective ways to reach their audience, and what better way than to zone in on relevancy with the use of dynamic solutions. 

Digital and bespoke innovation empowers dynamic content in OOH Advertising.   In comparison to other countries such as the UK, who have a wide array of digital formats available in their market; Ireland are slightly behind.  However, we as a country are steadily moving forward.  More and more Digital formats are becoming available in our market.   We also see a real push from both agency and media owners to come up with better ways to deliver more relevant content.   

Dynamic deliverance in OOH is made simple through the use of Digital formats.   Digital is the perfect platform as it is flexible, cost effective (no printing or posting charges) and undeniably eye-catching. 

Such content can be delivered in 2 ways – Manual and Automatic.   Manual is when the copy is pre-determined and is manually uploaded by a Media Owner given the right circumstance (i.e. when the weather reaches X degree) Automatic is when the copy is pre-loaded onto the server which then taps into RSS systems to deliver real-time data automatically.

As this technology develops and becomes more intelligent, we see Media Owners adapting to this new technological trend.   Exterion Media, JCDecaux, Adtower and Orb Screen are just some of the companies developing partnerships with software providers or creating their own software systems; allowing us to deliver campaigns more effectively in this way.

BroadSign and JCDecaux Dynamic are amongst a few of the Digital software dynamic systems that are available in Ireland today.

See Examples:

BroadSign was the system provider behind Women’s Aid UK Dynamic OOH campaign and Misereor” The Social Swipe” in Germany

There are many different types of Dynamic solutions that can be applied to an OOH campaign.  These include motion-detection, thermal activation, pollution activation, live feed, digital countdown clock, location based targeting, geo-fencing, interactive content, facial recognition and bespoke specials to name but a few.

  HB Thermal Activated Campaign - Ireland

We here at Kinetic pride ourselves on being the global leaders in contextually connecting with audiences on the move.   We do this by following trends and leveraging both data and technology to help fully optimise deliverance.   Developing unique Digital OOH Packs that specifically target unique audiences is one way in which Kinetic Ireland have strategically emphasised our vision. 

We offer bespoke Digital packs that are hand-picked to suit both audience and brief.   Combining both tactical placement and contextual content with clever technology creates a bespoke targeted experience for each audience profile.   

Dynamic content works exceptionally well as part of a multi-format campaign, and with more consumers on their mobiles on the move, it is becoming increasingly important to be aware of the benefits of utilising through multiple channels.  

Coca Cola Geo-Fenced their OOH sites in conjunction with their Light Projector Competition

Kinetic Ireland’s partnership with Ad2One, a geo-fencing specialist, connecting OOH with Mobile is one of the ways in which we have truly hopped on board the contextual train!  Geo-fencing works by creating a virtual boundary around an area by means of GPS or RFID technology, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves the area.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Geo-Fencing is an easy and cost-effective addition to your OOH campaign, and promises to deliver results!

As Digital is becoming more mainstream, slowly but surely, we are seeing new Digital formats launch in our market.  Take Adshel Live for example - Clear channel’s new and improved Digital Bus Shelters launching in Northern Ireland in Q4 2017.  The launch of this format introduces us to new ways of planning and buying, with bespoke packages and campaigns being measured by hour/impressions.  This not only complements the flexibility of Digital formats, but it also helps us and our clients to utilise this OOH space more effectively, and again, deliver more relevant content.

Bespoke Specials are another way in which advertisers can deliver contextually relevant content.  Innovation is a huge part of Kinetic’s global agenda, and with Kinetic Ireland’s introduction of Brainstorming, Hackathons and Knowledge Breaks, we can successfully come up with unique ideas that will both engage and delight our audiences on the move.  

 Coors Light Interactive Wifi Special 2016

All in all, the future looks bright as we steadily move into a more connected world!