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Special Builds in OOH

Out of Home Media is one of the oldest forms of media in existence. It has constantly evolved to adapt to new markets, formats, technology and opportunities. It has become one of the most attention grabbing and impressive forms of advertising that a brand can undertake.  Today OOH is a mix of Billboards, 6 Sheets, Transport, Digital, and many ambient formats which can engage with consumers during the period of time they are away from their home on any given day.

OOH advertising is a uniquely creative medium, with a range of formats which offer a blank canvas to deliver a message to consumers. It offers a creative canvas to make a major impact in the market. This allows special builds to take the brand’s message that bit further and pique consumer interest while connecting with people on the move.

Every single special build can be created based on specifics, they can be personalised. The more exciting and innovative the special build is the more connected we are with our audience. This strengthens the bond between the consumer and the brand and heightens revenue. OOH advertising needs to capture attention and then engage with emotions with the most spectacular locations impacting the level of emotional response. Big, bold & spectacular special builds are certainly one way to make sure your audience pay attention and to create talkability and generate PR around the brand.

There is an unlimited amount of special builds that can be done:

  • Lighting
  • Texture
  • Clever use of surroundings
  • Mechanical
  • 2D/3D Builds
  • Cut Outs

Combining OOH & Special Builds creates some sparkle and magic around a campaign making sure to grab the attention of your target audience impacting on the level of emotional response.

There are many global examples I have come across over the past while which show the diversity and uniqueness of special builds.

Special builds can be incorporated into our everyday lives and provide useful tools/props for a passer-by. See example from IBM who created ads with a purpose to design smarter cities. They added curve to create a rain shelter, a bench & ramps while promoting their technology brand.

Another example of incorporating special builds into everyday lives was done by Aircel in Mumbai. They strategically placed boats and buoys in low lying areas infamous for water logging during Monsoon Season.


We work closely with media owners to ensure we are proposing the best innovative special build ideas we possibly can to our clients, along with the help of our Production Specialist Annie O’Neill and companies such as Eclipse Media. Many of our clients love innovation and we get very excited about getting innovative specials builds over the line. Some examples which we have worked hard on over the years which created talkability include the below examples:

So where do we lie in the future with special builds? With Kinetic Ireland now using many brainstorm techniques, organising hackathons and partaking in knowledge breaks, we have found ourselves including innovation and special builds wherever possible to connect with people on the move and keep consumers connected and create a buzz around the brands we work with.