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Safefood campaign succeeds in encouraging smaller kids’ portions

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of main shoppers have been encouraged to serve smaller portions to children due to an out- of-home (OOH) campaign from Safefood tackling childhood obesity, new research from Kinetic, the out-of-home planning and buying agency, shows.

In fact, the campaign received the top ‘Call to Action’ score across outdoor campaigns in 2016.This is a timely result given the prevalence of the childhood obesity problem. Data from Safefood shows one in four children is overweight or obese.

What’s more, one-fifth of the energy intake from a child’s diet comes from sugary drinks, biscuits,confectionery, chocolate and cake.

To raise awareness and to help combat the obesity issue, the OOH creative from McCann Blue portrayed the message that we’re putting too much on our children’s plates.  It depicted a young child trying to manage a large dinner portion with an over-sized fork.

Speaking about the campaign, Fiona Gilligan, director of communications with Safefood said it was “very encouraging to see that these practical messages are resonating with the people who need them most”.

Interestingly, the OOH creative appealed more to women than men in terms of recall and liking.Overall, 71% of women thought the campaign was either ‘brilliant’ or ‘good’ compared to a slightly lower percentage of men at 68%. Moreover, 81% of respondents interviewed understood the message behind the OOH campaign that children don’t need portions as big as adults and that giving large portions to children can led to obesity.