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The Most Memorable OOH Campaigns to date in 2017

2017 has been a memorable year for Out of Home advertising!  We’ve seen some great examples of Out of Home campaigns that used the medium to great effect with impactful creative and use of relevant formats for their brand.  Some of the leading categories include soft drinks, food delivery services and entertainment categories.  Our campaign research results demonstrate, not only the effectiveness of Out of Home advertising, but the impact of running with a multi format static and Digital Out of Home strategy.

As part of our commitment to research and insights we included 2 additional questions this year to enable us to measure Digital Out of Home campaigns and this has been a great success.  We’ve seen an increase in prompted recall of between 20-30%, depending on the campaign brief.

So, what were the most memorable Out of Home campaigns so far this year?

We had 3 clear favourites when it came to overall prompted recall.  Now TV, Just Eat and Coca-Cola were the top performing campaigns.

NOW TV launched in June of this year with a heavy weight multi format (static & digital OOH) campaign. Campaign achieved a 97% prompted recall score across all formats.  Creative was simple and to the point, announcing the launch of the platform.  Just Eat was recalled by 92% of respondents.  A multiformat campaign ran in January of this year, across high visibility roadside formats, dwell time formats such as LUAS, rail and transport formats.  Coca-Cola achieved a 91% prompted recall level for their campaign which promoted a competition to win a mini projector every hour with Coca-Cola.  All 3 top recalled campaigns were engaging and impactful as results demonstrate. 

We saw quite a variation across categories for the Liking question.  We had a number of campaigns that achieved a liking score higher than 70%, but the highest scoring campaigns stood out with scores of 77%, 76% & 74%.  Garnier Ultimate Blends, Innocent Smoothies & Virgin Media were the most Liked Out of Home campaigns according to our respondents. Garnier Ultimate blends ran in April and emphasised the various blends of shampoo for “naturally beautiful hair”.  Campaign ran on transport and roadside formats as well as retail digital.  Innocent Smoothies launched their “Boost” smoothie range in cycle 15 and used OOH effectively to promote the different flavours on offer.  Innocent Smoothies ran with static multi formats but used high profile large format iconic sites as well as transport formats.  Virgin Media used both static and digital out of home to highlight their wifi service and achieved a 74% level of like.

We had some strong contenders for message delivery but the most memorable ads emerged as Lucozade Zero energy, which launched in April and achieved a 90% message delivery score.  The Paramount release of the Ghost in the Shell saw a message delivery score of 90%, which was well above benchmarking averages

Call to action results really highlighted the effectiveness of using static and digital Out of Home formats.  Results for the call to action question saw a significant increase in scores across all categories.  However, we had one clear winner when it came to call to action, Just Eat.  Just Eat executed an Out of Home campaign to great effect for the launch of their food delivery service. Campaign achieved an 83% call to action score, with an almost equal score for static and digital out of home formats. Paramount’s Ghost in the Shell Movie came a close second (77%) as did Coca-Cola Projector campaign (77%)

Effective use of formats, using multi format static and digital Out of Home all contribute to an effective, eye catching and memorable Out of Home campaign.  The results are testament to the effectiveness of Out of Home!

Our campaign research is based on conducting face to face on street interviews each cycle on 3 client campaigns across a range of measures.  Research is conducted in Dublin, however we can facilitate research outside of Dublin also.

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