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Mobile and OOH – The bread and butter of media? 

Mobile and OOH – The bread and butter of media? - Aoife Hudson, Strategic Business Director, Kinetic Ireland

We have been hearing for many years now that the year of the mobile is here. We have seen the introduction of QR codes, NFC scanning and many more platforms that tried to link the two mediums and bring posters to life…but nothing has really taken off until now, were we are starting to see some traction.

At Kinetic we are leaders in contextually connecting audiences that are on the move. To be able to do that effectively, we had to explore audience’s mindsets while they are Out of Home and how these changed based on time of day (exhausting Monday mornings) and other factors such as weather (the random sunny day in Ireland where we completely change into a nation of red cheeks and happiness), breaking news (reaction to Trump’s election…will say no more here!) and so on.

We all hear the phrase “Context is key” but really it is, it’s all about relevancy. A simple connection to something that’s happening in real time can make a brand’s communications stand out and create that deeper connection with the consumer that we all thrive to achieve on behalf of our clients.

To really get in on those connection moments with our audiences whilst they are on the move, DOOH became key, but what’s more than that, we needed to look at new channels relevant to OOH that we could team up with to create ground breaking connection strategies.

This is where mobile came in. 70% of a consumer’s day is spent out of home. 68% of mobile activity is done on the go. This shows that OOH and mobile are perfect partners and should not be kept siloed. The two should be planned together as both mediums are consumed whilst on the move. This is one of the reasons why we are talking OOH and mobile but there are many more…

Using OOH and mobile together, escalates your awareness and call to action. OOH has always been the prime, the awareness piece, the brand building. A mobile element then compliments that by bringing it down to a “one to one” conversation with only the people that you want to target.

Adding a mobile element to your OOH media strategy also gives a boost to reach and frequency. Your audience will see the OOH and then get relevant content through mobile. This can be useful for brands that have a lot of information to communicate – simple execution of OOH, follow up with more details through mobile, add relevant context to this and hey presto, we have caught our audience’s attention.

Location has always been key when it comes to OOH and the same goes for mobile. We can look at Ooh sites or by venue – multiples, on trade, transport hubs – anywhere that is relevant for your audience or brand. Are we starting to see some similarities between the two channels?

Something we haven’t been able to do with OOH alone before is retarget. Now with a mobile and OOH strategy, we can look at people who have seen an OOH poster and retarget them again in the evenings at home. Another plus!

In terms of what we can do, there’s just an endless list of possibilities. We at Kinetic, have built a toolkit of OOH and Mobile solutions. These include things like geofencing, beacons and image recognition technology that allow our audiences to interact with outdoor communications. We've partnered with ad2one to include NEAR technology or geofencing on OOH plans which has been very successful to date. 

Something new that caught my eye is Snapchat’s Snap to Unlock function. With QR codes and NFC tapping, the idea was there but it failed because we asked to much of the consumer, download a specific app, scan, get information. Snapchat were genius in realising this and relaunching the function but in an app that people already have on their phone and use regularly…and I mean very regularly!! The OOH opportunities here are vast, exciting and new so I personally am very excited to start playing with this new platform!

As I said the list is endless and best to look a brands brief and objectives and creating a connection strategy that meets those…I am really looking forward to playing around with lots of ideas with our agencies and brands.

So, there you have it…mobile and OOH…the bread and butter of media. If you are looking to create ground breaking connection strategies, contact your account manager.