Lufthansa: Travel Compasses

  • Challenge

    Reviving the image of Lufthansa in its home country while establishing the brand as the world’s most reliable airline for fast, low-cost flights to major cities worldwide.

  • Solution

    The campaign ran during winter, when Germans are most inclined to escape the cold and travel. Using rotatable, 360-degree virtual video panels, passers-by could immerse themselves into some of the world’s most exotic destinations right from where they stood. Powered by gyro and GPS data, and with a built-in camera, each Travel Compass would project the viewers into the screen and let them explore their virtual surroundings.

  • Result

    Over 280 people virtually visited their dream destinations every day. In total, more than 6,700 passers-by engaged in the Travel Compass experience, which represents a total of 13 fully occupied Airbus 380 aircrafts – the world's largest civilian passenger planes. The activation was awarded an Innovation Clio and recognized as an outstanding VR installation by Horizont.