Notre Abri: Awareness Campaign

  • Challenge

    Making known the non-profit association Notre Abri to parents. Make them sensitive about Notre Abri’s goal, increase data and raising fund.

  • Solution

    As a first step, an activation campaign was made in different places frequented by families in order to get their attention and envolvement. Children was invited to draw on tablets that broadcast live their masterpiece on digital screens. Then, the best drawing was chosen as a street posters around the site of Notre Abri and posted the following week. Finally an icecream tasting with the toddlers was made with the handing of the collected drawing.

  • Result

    This campaign enabled Notre Abri to increase their funds and data to carry on their beautiful action. This Kinetic project brought together several participants as Notre Abri, JCDecaux, DOOH Media, Clear Channel, MediaLED, Guidooh, Brightfish, GSI Printing, Promo Sapiens, Pop Media, Lunch Garden and Pacitti.