/  CEE App @ Mindshare Day 

CEE App @ Mindshare Day 

The Mindshare Day has welcomed Joost Vormer (Kinetic Innovation)to present its new digital tool: CEE App. Built to be a powerful marketing weapon, CEE App can be used anywhere and be combined with any media support thanks to its ability to match with further trigger technologies.

Green Day used this innovation to launch their new album in Germany. Using CEE App, the Green Day fans had to scan OOH street posters and were automatically directed to a branded mobile webpage. The participants had the opportunity to win amazing prizes by playing a mobile slot machine game. They were also able to listen to tracks by scanning the image and get a discount when buying the album. Figures demonstrated that the campaign was successful.
What is a marketing tool without data collect? With CEE App, advertisers  can create customers loyalty, measure their engagement, enrich their audience,… and all this, just with one app!